Your Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Hashtag Strategy in 2023

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Hashtag has become a concept that has settled into lives with the use of social media. With the use of #hashtags, you can reach people on social media platforms through the word or phrase you want. Therefore, the visibility of your brand or you increases with the use of #hashtags. Thus, you can reach more people with your posts. 

LinkedIn, where hashtags are common, has transformed from a professional networking platform into a powerful content marketing tool. With more than 774 million users in more than 200 countries and territories, it has become a platform where brands and professionals can connect, share information, and showcase their expertise. To maximize your visibility on LinkedIn, you need an effective hashtag strategy.

This blog post will explain how you can leverage hashtags on LinkedIn in 2023 to increase the reach and impact of the content you create.

Why Do Hashtags Matter on LinkedIn?

·        Visibility: LinkedIn’s recent algorithm takes into account hashtags in posts. Using relevant hashtags can increase the visibility of your content beyond links. This way you can reach a wider audience.

·        Categorization: Hashtags categorize your content, making it easier for users interested in specific topics to reach posts. This can help you connect with your audience more efficiently.

·        Trend Participation: LinkedIn frequently highlights trending hashtags. This gives your content a chance to appear among trending posts. After all, using hashtags can increase your visibility significantly.

·        Thought Leadership: Consistently using hashtags relevant to your expertise makes you stand out as a thought leader and industry expert. People interested in your field will start following you and interacting with you.


Strategies to Consider When Using Hashtags

Research Related Hashtags

Start by researching which hashtags are currently popular in your industry. LinkedIn’s search bar can help you identify trending hashtags by reviewing posts from competitors or leading pages in your field.

Create a Special Hashtag for Your Brand

Consider creating a unique hashtag for your brand. This way you can establish your identity on LinkedIn. Also, others may use your hashtag when discussing topics related to your industry. This will also increase your brand awareness.

Limit the Number of Hashtags

LinkedIn recommends using three to five hashtags per post. Overloading your content with hashtags can cause it to be perceived as spam and reduce engagement.

Use Location Hashtags

If your brand is specific to a particular region or location, you can use local hashtags to effectively connect with your audience.

Track Performance

Regularly track the performance of posts with different hashtags. LinkedIn provides data on how your content is performing, allowing you to improve your strategy over time.

Stay Up to Date

Like all social media platforms, LinkedIn is an evolving and ever-changing platform. Be aware of changes in algorithm behavior or hashtag trends. Adjust your strategy accordingly to maintain your influence on the platform.

Diversify Your Content

Try sharing a variety of content types, including blogs, videos, and graphics. Different formats may perform better with different hashtags.

Engage With Trending Hashtags

Follow trending hashtags that are relevant to your brand’s industry. Create content that aligns with these trends to maximize visibility when you think there’s an opportunity.

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